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29th World Mountain Running Championships 2013 - Site
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Welcome to the official website of the 29th World Mountain Running Championships 2013 in Krynica Zdrój

We hope that the competition and stay in the most famous mountain resort in Poland will bring you many positive impressions and most of all a lot of satisfaction from sport.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour to welcome the elite of world mountain running to the Running Festival. In the same time, we are glad that our effort at organization of the Running Festival was noticed and that we were entrusted with organization of 29th World Mountain Running Championships in Anglo-Saxon style.
Despite being one of the youngest sport events in Poland, the Running Festival has already joined the group of the biggest events of this type. More than 4000 runners in the age from 5 to 75 competed in more than 20 distances in the 3rd Festival in 2012 as the Festival is an event, where everyone can find something for himself. The youngest runners compete in mini-marathon, while running enthusiasts meet on the route of Lifetime Ten and Coral Marathon, the most assiduous try their luck in IRON RUN or relay race and the toughest runners compete in 7 Valleys Run or 100 km ultra marathon leading along the routes of the Beskids. We will meet exactly here, on the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka Mountain, to cheer for the best mountain runners in the world. I’m convinced that the beauty of the Beskids nature will strengthen impressions from competition among the champions and stay in their memory for a long time.

On my part, I can add that the organizers will do their best to make runners and trainers feel at home during the Running Festival in Krynica-Zdroj so that nothing could hinder their great sports competition.

Zygmunt Berdychowski

The 29th WMRA World Mountain Running Championships will be held on 8th September 2013 at Krynica-Zdrój, a typical tourist town located only 150 km from Cracow and situated in a picturesque mountain area in the south of Poland.

The World Mountain Running Championships 2013 will be held during the Running Festival of the Economic Forum on the Jaworzyna Mountain. Jaworzyna Mountain is located in the heart of the Poprad Landscape Park and it is the highest peak in the Eastern part of Beskid Sądecki mountain massif. The Gondola carriage to Jaworzyna Mountain is the longest and most modern railway of this kind in Poland.

It is the first time that the WMRA World Mountain Running Championship will be held in Poland and is the result of hard work started many years ago. It began in 2000 when Miedzygorze hosted the sixth WMRA European Trophy and then in 2004 when the third EA European Championships was organised in Korbielow. Also we must not forget that - on two occasions - Poland organised the WMRA-WMA Masters World Mountain Running Championships (in 2001 at Ustron and in 2010, once again, at Korbielow).

 Polish athletes, especially in the women’s category, have always been at the world top level.

As President of the World Mountain Running Association and on behalf of the members of the WMRA Council, I want to offer the warmest welcome to all those who will participate in 29th WMRA World Mountain Running Championship in Poland.

The races will be unforgettable for those attending: VIP’s, athletes, coaches, officials, media and spectators! The WMRA are certainly happy of the organisation and that it will also be appreciated by the IAAF, its President, Lamine Diack, its General Secretary, Essar Gabriel, and – above of all - Pierre Weiss, IAAF President’s Adviser and WMRA Council member of Honor: The IAAF – also in 2013 – will give, as always, its contribution to ensure the success of the Championships for which the WMRA gives its thanks.

I also wish to thank – in the name of the WMRA - all those who have made possible the organization of 29th World Mountain Running Championship 2013: first of all, Irena Szewińska, member of International Olympic Committee, and PZLA, with its President, Jercy Skucha, and of course, the Chairman of LOC, Jerzy Bochyński. Special thanks to Andrzej Puchacz, who in Poland was the first man who believed in this discipline of athletics! Of course, nobody can forget the work of WMRA Delegates: Galia Puhaleva, WMRA Organizational Delegate, and Wolfgang Munzel, WMRA Technical Delegate.

Finally, I thank the sponsors (always fundamental for the accomplishment of a successful event), the media, both journalists and television for their support and all those who provide and collaborate the voluntary services to ensure a successful and memorable occasion for everyone that will participate in 29th WMRA World Mountain Running Championship.

Mountain running racing is a discipline that excites athletes individually but emphasizes also the force and the spirit of a team, of a Nation, contributing together pledging their ultimate efforts for the possibility of athletic success.

For the 29th WMRA World Mountain Running Championship 2013, the most cordial greetings from the WMRA goes to all the National teams, to the Managers, to the Technicians and to the Athletes and the belief that in  Poland another important moment for the growth of mountain racing will occur.

Good luck to everybody!

Bruno Gozzelino 
WMRA President

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Guests!

Let me cordially invite you to Krynica-Zdrój.

Our town is a famous health resort with over 200 years of history, where the traditions of treatment in a health resort adjoins with rich traditions of winter sports and active rest. Here during the interwar period the Ice Hockey World Championship and Sledging World Championship took place. Also after the World War II the World and European  Sledging Championships were held here twice while in the year 2001 during the Winter Universiade our ice rink served as an arena for short track and ice hockey competitions. Since 2010 Krynica-Zdrój has been a proud host of the Economic Forum Running Festival.

I wish all the participants of the World Mountain Running Championship the fulfillment of their sport goals and the fair play spirit during the whole competition.

To all the guests and spectators I address my best wishes for unforgettable emotions, a wonderful atmosphere of true sport celebration and a pleasant stay in our beautiful town.

Mayor of Krynica-Zdrój
Dariusz Reśko, Ph.D.